Bioetanol Plant technology


Every day there is more demand for renewable fuels, taking advantage of our experience in distilling alcohol for several years we have applied to the development of bioethanol and biodiesel. We can achieve better efficiency in the use of raw materials and energy for the production of these biofuels.

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Vacuum Distillation technology Tomsa

Alcohol Distillation, vacuum distillation

We pioneered the vacuum distillation. We have extensive experience in the processes for liquors such as tequila, mezcal, rum, whiskey, Bacanora, Vodka, etc. We also have extensive experience in alcohol production and industrial superfine. We can help in the central parts of the process on which we have know-how and own-technology equipment or we can build the complete process turnkey. We have engineering team and to achieve the profile for your product that requires your market with the highest efficiencies in the process.

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Cane diffuser and agave diffuser

Agave, Sugarcane Diffuser Process

We have developed over the years technology for the extraction of sugars through diffusion. Those equipment are currently working with agave, cane , grape, etc.. with capacities from 100 tons per day to over 2,500. Since more than 14 years we were innovative in extraction in the tequila industry with the first diffuser for agave.

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Agave syrup and inulin process technology

Agave Syrup and Agave Inulin

Supported by our technology on extraction (through diffusion) and vacuum evaporation , including filtration and demineralization have the knowledge and equipment needed for the entire process of agave syrup and inulin.

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Vacuum multi efect evaporator

Multi Efect Vacuum Evaporators

Applications of our evaporators range from the treatment of vinasse for DDG or bio-fertilizer, until juices evaporate to concentrate to a brix of 75%, is also common to use our evaporators for producing agave syrup and agave inulin .

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Other Services and Equipment

Turnkey plants. Project management and construction. Plant engineering. Basic Engineering. Detailed engineering. Chain conveyors. Belt conveyors. Hammer mills. Agave diffuser. Cane diffuser. Micro-filtration of juice. Double effect evaporators. Triple effect evaporators. Vacuum distillation columns. Scrubbing columns. Help in project funding via banks. Help in project funding via private equity funds


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